How Green Were My Hills

Scattered around my chair on the floor, are 30 years worth of magazine and newspaper articles.  Colorful people, all with their roots in the Great Northwest, all with a feeling for their community and a lifestyle they know is unique in this place we live in. From a music store owner to a sheep farmer, their reasons for the lifestyles they chose are a story in themselves.  And well, that’s why I wrote about them.  They were colorful, or interesting, or doing something that was just a little out of the ordinary.  Or……..they just were fantastic individuals with a yarn … Continue reading How Green Were My Hills

Little League Football Moms

Football is a mans’ game, or so they tell us women.  They run plays, call out innings, and make sure there’s a goalie behind the backstop. Little League football  is a nation-wide occupation for thousands of parents on Saturday and Sunday, through September, October and November.  The action is never covered by the large newspapers,  nor is it announced over a national radio station by big name announcers, or even televised locally.  The games are organized, planned and coached by fathers.  But they are worried over and scrutinized by mothers. These mothers sit all week-long at the practice field watching … Continue reading Little League Football Moms

Evening Ritual of the Masked Intruder

“Oh look, shhh….you’ll scare her!” Lurking in the tall grass beside the back porch, a face protrudes cautiously.  Laughter and loud talking from within the house have cause this grey and black masked face to arch further higher, until its body is but partially covered by the grass.  The voices stop, and slowly the body becomes visible to the now quiet group, standing in awe of one of nature’s wild creatures. “Robby the Robber” has come again on her nightly marshmallow and cookie raid to our home in our small rural suburb, where she will come to the sliding door … Continue reading Evening Ritual of the Masked Intruder

For Which It Stands

For those that still think President Obama is the end all to ‘good’ change in America, they might want to read this from M. Northrop Buechner in Forbes Magazine.  It is an eye opener to where our republic (“For which it stands”) is headed. After reading Mr. Buechner’s piece, for myself and personally, don’t  feel comfortable with a President of the United States who is playing King to an apathetic American public who is unwilling to see the writing on the wall. History is repeating itself.  Check out how Rome fell. The Favorites of the Emperor Honorius, byJohn William … Continue reading For Which It Stands

They call me Gran

Nine days until Christmas and the beautiful lights of the season are all aglow as people ready their homes for the big day.  But far away at the bottom of the world, 7,000 miles away my grandchildren (who call me Gran) are only going to see us on Skype.  What did we do before computers?  It’s nice that we can ‘sorta’ feel close through the glass of our computer screens, and pretend we are really together, but it’s better than nothing. Christmas in New Zealand is a little different from here…actually a lot different.  It’s summer there, and a trip … Continue reading They call me Gran

Today is the first day in the rest of my life

It’s time, I feel, to put up the Christmas Tree and move past and into a new period of my life. Since I lost my daughter 6 years ago, I have tried to get in the spirit of the holidays, but they just wouldn’t come.  This year I pulled out the ragged old Christmas box, filled with the treasures that have been collected over the years, plus all the beautiful ornaments my little girl gave us each year.  These ornaments are very special, as each year she had them engraved with a little saying and the date.  “Your first Christmas … Continue reading Today is the first day in the rest of my life