Today is the first day in the rest of my life

It’s time, I feel, to put up the Christmas Tree and move past and into a new period of my life.

Since I lost my daughter 6 years ago, I have tried to get in the spirit of the holidays, but they just wouldn’t come.  This year I pulled out the ragged old Christmas box, filled with the treasures that have been collected over the years, plus all the beautiful ornaments my little girl gave us each year.  These ornaments are very special, as each year she had them engraved with a little saying and the date.  “Your first Christmas together” hangs prominently in the front of the tree.  Her father and I parted in 1979 and I remarried in 1980, so my little girl wanted each year to be very special for us.  Now that she is gone, these little gems hold many happy memories.  It’s those memories I have finally brought to the front of my mind instead of her last days with us in August of 2007.

This blog is dedicated to my precious Tina. 12/8/1965 – 8/29/2007.

Tina's b'day

3 thoughts on “Today is the first day in the rest of my life

  1. I have no words. Just love in my heart for you, and want you to know how blessed I have felt over the last years for your friendship and stalwart support even when your own heart was so incredibly heavy.

    1. My dearest Kim, you also held me up during times I needed it, in ways you will never know. Thank you for reading my blog and commenting on this new adventure I have embarked upon. Happy New Year.

  2. Read your blog today so happy I did its so well written with the feelings that most take for granted everyday . Explaining your inner feelings for your loss and life so wonderfully put on paper keep writing Patti makes one think and appreciate family. We have one interest a stock I follow you on and do not understand why its not moving SNTA

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