How Green Were My Hills

cascadesScattered around my chair on the floor, are 30 years worth of magazine and newspaper articles.  Colorful people, all with their roots in the Great Northwest, all with a feeling for their community and a lifestyle they know is unique in this place we live in.

From a music store owner to a sheep farmer, their reasons for the lifestyles they chose are a story in themselves.  And well, that’s why I wrote about them.  They were colorful, or interesting, or doing something that was just a little out of the ordinary.  Or……..they just were fantastic individuals with a yarn to tell, or had something to say that one could learn from.

From the Seattle Fire Department to the Issaquah Police Department, NOAA, Boeing, Real Estate Moguls and a bungy jumping 80 year old woman, their stories encourage, uplift, make us smile and just allow us to revel in the fact we live in this wonderful area of the cosmos.

We don’t care if it rains, because our senses are energized by the clean air and evergreen background we are surrounded by everyday.  We all revel in watching “The Lady”, Mt. Rainier, Rainierpoke her head above the clouds, with her small cap atop her snowy peak and watch her turn pink in the late afternoon light disappearing over Puget Sound.  We take long walks on pungent pine needles and watch squirrels bury their treasures in our lawns and gardens. squirrel

Bikers, hikers, joggers and walkers surround Lake Washington, Lake Sammamish, Green Lake and the hills around our place on the map.  They might not be suntanned, but they are strong, alert and always looking for a new place to visit or explore.

We are, therefore we be, Northwest people with an attitude.

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