And….We are Published!

Ten years in the collection of women’s stories, but it is now published.

Thank you to everyone who helped put their memories into this undertaking.

To all the Physicians who think some women don’t know their own bodies, please read these pages.  Carefully and Thoughtfully.  Please!

2 thoughts on “And….We are Published!

  1. Patti as i continue to read your blog I feel your daughter Tina is with you and your helping other woman with cancer . I often think to myself what if only we spent all the trillions of dollars on cancer research that we spent on weapons , bombs , just plain waste and destruction we might have cured cancer for woman. Not in your shoes do not know what one does at the loss of a child but think by what you have written you loved Tina very much and yes memories only make it worst what would have been had she not died of cancer.

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