Answer to ‘Hello World’

Yes, I am commenting on my own post, as I have reached a dilemma with this blog. Do I sign up for another year? Do I keep writing as there are ‘very few’ comments on what I have already written? Is anyone reading this? I know a few people get notifications when I do a new post, and I  do very much appreciate those that actually are following my writing.

So I would ask those that do follow me, if you read my ramblings, could I get you to hit the ‘LIKE’ button so I know someone is out there (even if you don’t like it, at least I will know someone read it). If I could make a smiley face right now I would.

Thank you to those who do read. Maybe you can help me make the decision to either keep going or shut it down.

Have a great day…heading into the last days of summer.

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