2015, A New Beginning

Have you made your New Years resolution yet? I have.

I wondered if I should continue with this blog, but thanks to my friends I made the decision to push forward.  This year will finalize the second book on Inflammatory Breast Cancer, only this time there will be positive stories of people who were told they had little time to live, but are still fighting “the beast”.  (at this writing I am still looking for ‘prizefighters’ who beat the odds and how life has changed for them).  Please share my quest for more stories to show the world IBC doesn’t have to be a death sentence, for as many of us know now, Doctors don’t know it all.

Also this year, my resolution will be to push forward with my photography and finally get into print the coffee table book so many of my friends have said they would like to have.

Christmas 2013 went off as the first in seven years of having family and friends around my own Christmas tree, decked out with red ribbons and tiny ornaments that had been hidden away.  I could hear my Tina telling me, “Mom, get a life and move on”…So I did.  Missing her terribly but smiling in remembrance as the chocolate chip cookies we once made together, were warm from the oven and gobbled up.  Making new traditions (someone told me) is how you get through to the ‘other side’ after a loss you never thought could happen.  But you can!

Xmas 2013, Max & Cassie & me

Here is to a new year filled with promise and ‘new beginnings’.  As ‘Tiny Tim’ said:  “God Bless us all”.

3 thoughts on “2015, A New Beginning

  1. It’s clear to me how to leave a comment. Certain themes will say at the top of each post “leave comment”, some themes might not make it that obvious. What I didn’t find so obvious was your popping in and out menu for posts.

  2. Thanks for sticking around! I rarely keep up with any blogs- just happen to stumble an occasional one when searching for something specific. I’d be happy to write a piece for the new book. 🙂

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