My Country Tis of Thee


Over the years many people have asked me “what does ‘Patriotic’ mean to you”, and I have pondered that word as it pertains to me personally.

I was raised, you might say, as a boy.  My Dad wanted a boy but he got me, a girl.  He taught me how to fish, shoot a gun, tie boating knots and all the things a boy would learn.  He also told me the stories of his life in the United States Coast Guard, of which he was very proud.  I have gone back in time to see what his life was like during the war years, and why he was so patriotic, and researched the happenings since I took my first breath on March 27, 1945, as World War II was coming to an end.

  On that day in history, The Western Allies, which consisted mainly of: British Commonwealth (Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand and South Africa)., slowed their advance in Germany and allowed the Red (Russian) Army to take Berlin.  

Seven months later on September 2, 1945, The Japanese Instrument of Surrender is signed on the deck of the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay.



My Father was a Chief Bosuns Mate on the US Coast Guard Cutter Haida and was on duty in Alaska where in May and June of 1943 the Haida dropped depth-charges on Japanese submarine contacts.  Coast Guard records for the Haida for the first six months of 1943 are very detailed:

Dad WWII and poem


On 1 January 1943 Haida arrived at Seattle where she remained in overhaul status until 23 February 1943.  After tests the next day she proceeded to Port Angeles where she began escorting a convoy to Alaska.  Intensive training was carried on en route and on March 14th she anchored at Cold Bay, reporting to Commander, Alaskan Sector for duty.  On the 5th while escorting a vessel to Dutch Harbor she expended two depth charges on an underwater contact with negative results.  The remainder of March was spent in escort duty between Dutch Harbor and Chernofski, guarding a cable ship at Kelekta Bay escorting vessels to Atka Island, returning with a convoy to Dutch Harbor on the 27th.  She left for Adak on the 29th.  From then until the end of April she was engaged in anti-submarine patrol and escort duty between Adak and Atka Islands, dropping depth charges on a doubtful contact on at least one occasion.  During May 1943, the Haida was engaged In escort duty between Dutch Harbor and Chernofski Harbor, conducting occasional anti-submarine patrols.  This duty continued during June, the Haida dropping eight charges on a fair contact on the 12th with no results.”

My Father mustered out of the Coast Guard shortly before my birth and went to work as a Pinkerton Agent for many years. He never talked about those years, but after he passed away in 2000, I found his government documents stating his status as an agent.  He then went on to work for the FHA (Federal Housing Authority) until his retirement in the 60’s. 

My formative years were filled with the patriotism that sadly our children today are not taught.  We recited the Pledge of Allegiance every morning; we sang the first stanza of the Star Spangled Banner before every football and baseball game, and respected our Flag as a hallmark to our freedom. We also said our prayers before we went to bed each night. 


What I am trying to convey in writing this homily of my formative years, is because I can’t figure out when our world changed into the flag burning, patriotic discourse of anger and disrespect we are seeing today.  I have read where statues have been taken down in front of federal and state buildings, because it might offend someone or a group; stopping the Pledge of Allegiance for the very same fears, and making sure that everyone is ‘politically correct’ in their speech.  We have ‘politically’ corrected ourselves to the brink of insane stupidity.  History books have been changed over the years to the point most children do not know what our countries actual history really is all about.

Christmas Trees have been removed from schools, airports and most public places so not to offend .. again…political correctness gone astray.  Here in my State of Washington, in 2006, Seattle Tacoma international airport removed it’s Christmas Trees because of Jewish Rabbi Elazar Bogomilsky, who had demanded that a Jewish menorah be added to the scene.  He was appalled that the airport took down everything. It was amazing to me and many others, that a ‘few’ could dictate to the majority who wanted the trees (which by the way is a Federal Holiday and a giant tree is placed in the White House in Washington DC and decorated with beautiful ‘Christmas’ ornaments.  Does this make sense to anyone?  I think not.  The trees were returned shortly after this ridiculous ruling because the Rabbi in question stated, “I didn’t ask for this to happen”.

Now we come to 2016 where the powers that be have ’scrubbed’ any words that depict Islamic terrorist words from the U.S. Law Enforcement training manuals.

We now have a man running for President of the United States who the people are cheering when he says things that thousands of people agree with, about our political correctness gone wild.  I didn’t write this piece to beat Donald Trump’s drum, but what he has done is awaken the sleeping giant of people who feel our country has gone too far in trying to appease the Muslim population.  It isn’t the Muslim religion that is our enemy, it is the Muslim extremists who want to kill us and also Muslims that don’t adhere to the extremists views of the Holy Koran.

When Barack Obama took the office of President of the United States in 2009, most people felt by hearing his ‘lofty’ speeches that he would bring together blacks and whites and remove the division that seemed to be permeating our country.  Instead, he has divided us even more than ever before.  He has not helped the downtrodden or the inter city conflicts, but (in this writers opinion) been more dismissive of the problems we now see in places like Chicago where just this year alone there have been 329 murders from January to June.  Oh, and did you know that Chicago has one of the toughest gun controls in the United States.  Take away the guns from the law abiding public and they are defenseless.  I won’t get started on gun control.

I am not, what some would call a ‘Bible Thumper’, but I find it interesting that when God was taken out of our school systems and parents were convicted of ‘spanking their children’, our country went down a rabbit hole and the fox got into the hen house.  In other words, we have been complacent to what is happening to our country and especially our children.

When will be able to take back our country, such as Briton has, and tell the Federal Government to get out of our lives?  When will we be able to discipline our children the way we see fit, without fear of recrimination?  And, when will the Police be able to do their job without their hands tied in such a way that the felons have more rights than the Police?

Wake up America!  Our country is in trouble, and only the people of “one Nation under God” can turn this ship around and take back control of own destiny.  In God we Trust should not just be on Federal Buildings and on our money, but in our lives.


2 thoughts on “My Country Tis of Thee

  1. Nicely written.

    I just want to say a few things and some may not be popular.

    I hate that Terrorist extremists have cast such a negative picture of Muslim people. I personally work with many Muslim people and they are kind and just want to live their lives.

    I witness “Christian” people spitting racial slurs and hate in the name of Christianity on a pretty regular basis. It is actually one of the huge reasons I no longer attend church on a regular basis. I would rather make a determination of who I want to associate with based on how the person acts rather than whether they follow the Bible. I have listened to too many parents of gay children go on about how horrible it is that their children are gay.

    I think it’s sad that patriotism has gone by the wayside. I just heard a couple people talking yesterday about Independence Day. One woman asked the other if they had plans. The second woman said, “no” because their family has work obligations. The first woman responded by saying Independence Day is “just another day.” As if it has no significance for us now.

    I am proud to be an American. I am ashamed of our political system that panders to big business and doesn’t give a crap about its citizens. I think the Electoral College is outdated and needs to be revamped. We are a well connected society with the ability to make our own choices and decisions about who and what we want in a political government.

    I believe the USA is becoming a laughing stalk of the world with this presidential election. I can tell you Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton do not offer anything I’m interested in. Donald Trump will not bring us back together. It will only get worse. Hillary Clinton is also a bad choice for the country. Not because she is a woman but because her past is pretty shady. The rules don’t seem to apply to her in her personal and professional dealings.

    I will cast a vote in November because it is my civic duty but it will not be for either of these two candidates.

    Parents had to give up spanking their children as a form of discipline because some people don’t know the difference between discipline and abuse. We have a school system that has told our children that if a parent spanks them then they can call the police or tell the school they are being hurt.

  2. Love and agree with your comments. Your last bit about spanking sounds like Hitler’s Germany..where children ‘told on their parents’. Yes there is a difference between abuse and spanking, but we ‘should’ have a system that can tell the difference. Sadly that’s another story.
    Thank you Theresa….well done.

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