Today in our history, 1/21/2017


Born and bred in America and can date back to my Mother’s ancestors who came here in the 1600’s and settled in New Haven CT.  My Father’s ancestors came later, in the 1800’s.

The Red/White and Blue had true meaning for those that sought a place of freedom.  They worked their land, taught their children respect for our country and what it stood for, and their children brought forward their own up bringing and taught their children the way they had been raised.  Somewhere along the line in my 71 years in America, family values and morals have been tossed aside, and who’s to say what started the downhill slide?

As I write this, there are marches being held all over our country, for what I haven’t quite figured out yet.

They say it isn’t ‘political’ but it really is.  Are they afraid their ‘freebies’ will be taken away now that a new administration has been ushered into the White House?  Are they afraid that Planned Parenthood (PP) is at stake and they can’t get (again) freebies such as: (taken from PP website:

No-Cost Family Planning Services Include:

  • Annual exam, including routine Gonorrhea and Chlamydia testing and treatment for women between the ages of 13 and 25, and pap smear,
  • Pregnancy testing,
  • All birth control methods approved by FDA, including birth control pills, Depo-Provera, IUDs including Mirena, The Patch, Nuvaring and emergency contraception ,
  • Non-prescription products like male and female condoms, contraceptive gels, foam, film, cream and suppositories,
  • Sterilization – vasectomy and tubal ligation.  

If you qualify, you pay nothing for birth control methods and family planning services covered under the Take Charge program. Each visit must be for family planning services.

– See more at:

I will harken back to my roots when I say, where are the parents rights when their daughters can go to PP at the age of 13 without their parents knowing?  Am I being just too old fashioned in my thinking that a child before the age of 18 should be counseled and taught by their parents, and not a government backed agency which our tax dollars fund, like Medicare and Medicaid?  For myself, I paid into that program from the age of 17 when I started working, which was 55 years ago.  So my question is, why should a person who has never worked or paid into “the system” get ‘freebies’ that I now have to pay for through my taxes?

The State of Washington where I live is now using Vancouver B.C. as their model to do the same here: Give free clean drugs to addicted users, say top B.C. health officials”……In Seattle The King County Board of Health endorses supervised injection sites for drug users” (story from the Seattle Times January 19, 2017)

Since heroin is an illegal drug, I am confused.  Again, my tax dollars are being spent to support peoples habits that I shouldn’t have to pay for.   Where does it end?

The VA hands out Methadone to ‘supposedly’ help veterans get off of heroin or other opioids.  The problem here is (and I know this first hand), ‘meth’ is used by too many drug users as a ‘hold over’ until they can get their favorite fix.   

Then there is the one that really is upsetting to me.  Social Security Disability for substance abuse.  Read it yourself,

So….I go back to the marches taking place today, January 21, 2017.  What are these women wanting?


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