Webster’s dictionary states that ‘withdrawal’ is: “a retreat or retirement especially into a more secluded or less exposed place or position.” My husband and I experienced this syndrome recently.  Not from drugs or from alcohol but from computers, television, cell phone reception, and even radio.  Yes, we were cut off from the civilized world of electronics.  No news, Facebook, the Stock Market, or online games.  Totally isolated from noise.  The only thing we could hear was the sound of pounding surf from the Pacific Ocean, and the pounding rain on the roof of our newly purchased 32′ motor home equipped … Continue reading Withdrawal

A Piece of Peace

With all the fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt and other places on this big blue globe we humans share, we as Americans forget one faction of people from other parts of the world who fight inwardly everyday for rights we take for granted. These people want only one small thing. To worship freely and openly as Christians, Judaism, Buddhist, Catholics, and yes Muslims, plus the many other faiths that form the world population. We as Americans, many of us living in the suburbs of our cities and towns, surrounded by nationalities from throughout the globe, cannot understand why they, the … Continue reading A Piece of Peace

Memory Challenge

Many ‘brainiacs’ have made up ‘games’ to strengthen your memory (especially for us ‘older’ generation hippies.  I’m not ready to shell out money to do what I can with a variety of computer games that are basically the same as the paid for brain tests. Having a stroke last year left me with the ability to walk/talk and chew gum at the same time, but took away my most cherished thing; words!  Being a writer all my life, I have prided myself on the ability to write and speak quickly of a subject I know or knew.  Simple little things … Continue reading Memory Challenge

How Green Were My Hills

Scattered around my chair on the floor, are 30 years worth of magazine and newspaper articles.  Colorful people, all with their roots in the Great Northwest, all with a feeling for their community and a lifestyle they know is unique in this place we live in. From a music store owner to a sheep farmer, their reasons for the lifestyles they chose are a story in themselves.  And well, that’s why I wrote about them.  They were colorful, or interesting, or doing something that was just a little out of the ordinary.  Or……..they just were fantastic individuals with a yarn … Continue reading How Green Were My Hills

Little League Football Moms

Football is a mans’ game, or so they tell us women.  They run plays, call out innings, and make sure there’s a goalie behind the backstop. Little League football  is a nation-wide occupation for thousands of parents on Saturday and Sunday, through September, October and November.  The action is never covered by the large newspapers,  nor is it announced over a national radio station by big name announcers, or even televised locally.  The games are organized, planned and coached by fathers.  But they are worried over and scrutinized by mothers. These mothers sit all week-long at the practice field watching … Continue reading Little League Football Moms

Evening Ritual of the Masked Intruder

“Oh look, shhh….you’ll scare her!” Lurking in the tall grass beside the back porch, a face protrudes cautiously.  Laughter and loud talking from within the house have cause this grey and black masked face to arch further higher, until its body is but partially covered by the grass.  The voices stop, and slowly the body becomes visible to the now quiet group, standing in awe of one of nature’s wild creatures. “Robby the Robber” has come again on her nightly marshmallow and cookie raid to our home in our small rural suburb, where she will come to the sliding door … Continue reading Evening Ritual of the Masked Intruder