2015, A New Beginning

Have you made your New Years resolution yet? I have. I wondered if I should continue with this blog, but thanks to my friends I made the decision to push forward.  This year will finalize the second book on Inflammatory Breast Cancer, only this time there will be positive stories of people who were told they had little time to live, but are still fighting “the beast”.  (at this writing I am still looking for ‘prizefighters’ who beat the odds and how life has changed for them).  Please share my quest for more stories to show the world IBC doesn’t have … Continue reading 2015, A New Beginning

Answer to ‘Hello World’

Yes, I am commenting on my own post, as I have reached a dilemma with this blog. Do I sign up for another year? Do I keep writing as there are ‘very few’ comments on what I have already written? Is anyone reading this? I know a few people get notifications when I do a new post, and I  do very much appreciate those that actually are following my writing. So I would ask those that do follow me, if you read my ramblings, could I get you to hit the ‘LIKE’ button so I know someone is out there … Continue reading Answer to ‘Hello World’

The Bottom of the World

Reminiscence’s of my first trip to New Zealand Thirty-Three years ago The view from Mt. Victoria from Devonport, across the bay from Auckland New Zealand Throw away the girdles and let your seams out. The fresh bread shops, green grocer and butcher are alive and well at the bottom of the world, in New Zealand. Take a deep breath, turn your mind back twenty years and forget the worries of our ever increasing plastic society and the long gas lines. Enter a world where wringer washers are the common place and big fancy cars are almost nonexistent. Tea time in … Continue reading The Bottom of the World

What would Tina do?

What would my daughter have done, if she were still alive? I look to the heavens even now after six years and  still ask myself, out loud at repeatedly, “what would Tina do?”  I know the answer, and it helps me get through some very tough and awkward times.  She died on August 29, 2007, one day before my husband and my anniversary.  “Ouch” say many who find this out. The day she found out she had cancer is just before Thanksgiving, another ‘Ouch’. Her birthday is right before Christmas, the biggest ‘Ouch’ of all. It’s been over five years … Continue reading What would Tina do?